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Ultramarinos – Mexican flavors delight in Hoboken

Yesterday I discovered a treasure of a place in Hoboken – Ultramarionos “the marketplace for Latin Kitchen magic”. In this little gem of a place, hidden in 260 3rd street in Hoboken, one is welcomed by white walls of a small cafe, decorated with warm cocoa, red and green colors.  Ultramarinos is named after the old  19th century stores  “Cuban sugar, Colombian coffee, Venezuelan chocolate and myriad other foods, often considered exotic, were sold in Spain by specialty stores called Ultramarinos (OOL-TRAH-MAH-REE-NOS), a beautiful word which literally means “from beyond the sea.”” and indeed the smell of freshly ground coffee and hot baked bread that was seeded with chocolate are in the air. Beside various baking goods and warm unique truffles

Other Latin America treats include a wide selection of cheeses such as  ‘queso blanco’, Manchego and Torta del Casar; freshly made bread with olives and wild hot spices, or with warm cocoa; and other interesting local dishes you can discover in the menu, a menu that chances and updates daily.

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