It’s up to me now, turn on the bright lights /  For the love of life

It’s up to me now, turn on the bright lights

Interpol, one of my top favorite bands, released their 5th album “El Pintor” about 2 months ago. I loved their first and second albums. they had that distant, unique, somewhat nostalgic sound. Then in their third album, “Our love to admire” they kinda lost that unique sound into something that can be labeled as ‘Nice’. Yeah, that banal. But they survived it and continued forward.

Interpol’s last album is them coming back to their original lost NY sound, with something more mature and defined in it. They haven’t changed but they ‘sound’ more sure of themselves. I mean, hey, they survived 5 albums and 10 years as a successful band, why won’t they be sure of their sound and great music?
I was looking at them on stage tonight at Terminal5. They were confident, they were having fun.
It reminded me the place where I am in life. Sometimes you lose yourself, not sure WHAT is your voice anymore. I did, I lost my self trying to match expectations of me and what I thought others think I should be like. When my mom passed I broke and it took a lot of time for me to rebuild myself. When my dad passed, I HAD to make sure I don’t lose myself again, to stay sane.
Ever since then, I have been much more successful with any project I have taken, whether professional or personal. And specifically with Social Media, I found the honest, direct, non formal voice, is a winning one. If you believe in your product. If you believe in yourself. Others will too.


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