#WesAndresonArtShow – let the emotion flow /  For the love of life

#WesAndresonArtShow – let the emotion flow

Last week I had a chance to see the Wes Andreson Art Show, a collection of frames., scenes from Wes’ films, all nicely displayed on eight walls, crammed into the Joseph Gross gallery.

It’s pretty rare that someone can put one’s inner most thoughts and feelings into extremely precise words. Wes, somehow, does it.
Perhaps that’s why I avoided his films for such a long time, because they are spot on. In a friendly way, however, still, go-to-gut kind of scripts.




His movies talk of real life, those that happen to you when you discover adolescence, when you fall from heaven into adulthood. It’s no wonder Gwyneth Paltro won such a place of honor with him. Vulnerable, fragile, accepting the broken reality of her life.




The 9 walls were too crammed to contain the emotion of Wes Andresen.
Every wall was shouting of broken perceptions, inconceivable understanding of reality, the impossible bearing of realized reality.
It was one of the best I’ve seen.

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