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bb2 Ever since I was a little kid I was obsessed with documenting life: writing, painting, taking pictures.  And that is why I blog. All to capture the moment so it can be relived over and over again. This Blog is about life, the good life, the food we indulge on, a trip to unknown places, a good book or a piece of art that makes your heart race. I hope you will find these useful and I invite you to contribute you recommendations and experiences of places and happenings that bring a smile to one’s face and heart.

In addition to this blog, I am blogging about social and digital media on  Sleepless in Social Media (contains all content from the previous blog  ‘Sleepless in NY‘) . Why Sleepless? I do most of my thinking and writing during the night,  and so most of my blogs, written in the wee small hours, are created in  ‘sleepless’ mode.

Prior to this blog I have done some reporting to different Israel online papers, those of you who can read Hebrew, can read them under ‘Reviews’ in Sleepless in Social Media).

You can contact me through alinwagnerlahmy.com.